Trans Film

Having access to treatments and support makes all the difference to anyone questioning or going through transition. Here’s a short video we created with Consortium to show that journey.

Here’s a word from the Executive producer of the film, Samantha Pearsall:

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to work on this video, and I am very proud that this will support many D/deaf transgender individuals who have experienced struggles with their gender identity. I’m also very honoured to have worked with the most talented short filmmaker – Teresa Garratty. To all those who have participated in this video, you should all be so proud of your input. I would like to extend my thanks to Deaf Rainbow UK. May our vital mission continue 😊

Special thanks to:

Jo Payne & Marcus A.Pabon-Lara

Pride Access tips and Statement

It is really important to make your Pride event accessible, so we have gathered some in-depth information on how to do that. However, we realise that is not easy for everyone, so here is a brief summary. 

Here are the top 5  things we want you to do:

  1. Make sure to include access in your budget and when applying for grants.
    1.  Further information explains this in more detail, but video captions, live captioning of event and BSL interpreters are essential. 
    2. You can get quotes to get the most accurate information for your specific Pride.
  2. Make sure that any advertisement is accessible.
    1.  Use image description, alt text, video description on all posts. Ensure that all videos are in both BSL and English (with captions). 
  3. Involve D/deaf and disabled people at every stage.
    1. This could include co-ordinating with local Deaf groups, having Deaf individuals advising on access, and/or through promotion.
  4. Access information should be easy to find and ahead of the Pride event.
    1. This means less than 3 clicks to find and access, it should be easy to understand, in BSL and English.
  5. If your event is online, think about which platform you will be using.
    1. For example, maybe streamed on YouTube and Facebook, or through Zoom for more “social” events.
    2. Try to avoid Flashing lights and strobe lighting, and include rest breaks! 

If you have any questions or for further support on ensuring accessibility at Pride, please contact Deaf Rainbow UK at hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk 

Read full statement.

Queer Museum wants your letters or videos!

We have teamed up with Queer Britain, Post Office and Levi’s on an exciting and important project and want you to be involved too!

Share and send them your experiences during this pandemic, it can be anything you want! Photos, stories, advice, poems or simply how you are feeling.

These will be collected and preserved by the queer Britain museum as a snapshot of how all LGBTQ+ lives were affected during these times.

It’s free to post! The address is:



Or send your signed videos to:


Simple! Start writing or videoing!


Feeling anxious or depressed? Want to talk to someone via text? Text the number 85258 with either the text ‘Pride’, ‘deaf’, to start a conversation. Everything is anonymous.

Registered Charity Number 1192323.