Deaf LGBTIQA+ Survey Consultation online launch!

Although we are saddened by the cancellation of our Deaf LGBTIQA+ event to due circumstances out of our control. We do have some good news!

We are able to publish the online result of our survey consultation a day earlier! Please head over to the ‘Representing You’ tab above and select Survey Consultation 19/20 from the drop down options. Alternatively you can click here to take you straight to it!

There’s a lot to read so do take your time and let us know your what you think/opinions are either on here, or on one of our social media pages such as Facebook, twitter or even via our email hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Lastly we’d like to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE; speakers, interpreters, palantypists, committee members, participants for your support and understanding.

Many thanks to Consortium for the funding to make all of this possible.

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Hello and welcome to our website!

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This website is where deaf people can visit to find information, guidance and educate themselves on the deaf LGBTIQA+ community in an accessible way. We cover advice, history and articles and more. We are continually adding to the website so the content will always be evolving. If you have anything you’d like to contribute or see, please feel free to contact us at Hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk

For years the LGBTIQA+ community have endured oppression and harassment. However, the deaf LGBTQA+ minority is in that minority – there is not a lot of accessible information being provided for this community. The Deaf LGBTQ+ UK Facebook group decided to create this website as we wanted to be able to educate the Deaf community on an accessible platform.

We all hope that this website will be a success in managing to raise awareness, educating others and guiding people to the right source of information and support. This entire project is voluntary, so we are currently relying on donations and volunteers to keep the website running – if you are interested in volunteering, see the FAQ page!

We all thank you for your support, and we hope that you will be able to take something away from this website for your own knowledge. Please feel free to share the website with others, and spread the love (and knowledge)!