LGBT History month

As part of February LGBT History Month we’ve create a detailed video explaining LGBT history and why it’s important to remember how far we’ve come. Make sure to have a watch!

Coming out on film!

Coming out! On film! Want to be involved in a very exciting film project for the Deaf LGBT+ community?

Then look no further!We want to film your coming out stories, whether it’s funny, sad or different!

We will pay you for your time.

Come to you to film at your location.

Ensure it’s COVID safe.

Do you have a coming out story you would like to share? If yes, then fill out the form via the button below and we’ll be in touch!

Queer Museum wants your letters or videos!

We have teamed up with Queer Britain, Post Office and Levi’s on an exciting and important project and want you to be involved too!

Share and send them your experiences during this pandemic, it can be anything you want! Photos, stories, advice, poems or simply how you are feeling.

These will be collected and preserved by the queer Britain museum as a snapshot of how all LGBTQ+ lives were affected during these times.

It’s free to post! The address is:



Or send your signed videos to:


Simple! Start writing or videoing!


Feeling anxious or depressed? Want to talk to someone via text? Text the number 85258 with either the text ‘Pride’, ‘deaf’, to start a conversation. Everything is anonymous.

Registered Charity Number 1192323.