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We have some amazing news to share! The lovely people at LGBT consortium have granted the Deaflgbtiqa organisation £5980!

DEAFLGBTIQA is the UK’s only Deaf led LGBTIQA charity which has been successful in securing funding from the LGBT Consortium to carry out ground breaking research into the needs of members of the Deaf LGBTIQA+ community.

This will help us to carry out consultations with people who are deaf and identify as either lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or asexual (LGBTIQA) in England. The funding will be used to train volunteers and implement focus groups around England to find out the views of Deaf LGBTIQA people, capture issues they have from being in a “minority within a minority” group and explore how service providers can improve community engagement.

Chair, Tyron Woolfe, “We are delighted that the hard work of the board, working in close partnership with the LGBT Consortium has led to the allocation of the grant to us. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the research to help us develop and grow and facilitate other projects to improve the lives of UK’s Deaf LGBT population.”
Findings will be used to engage in discussions with health providers and service providers to increase emphasis on service user involvement and encourage their role in the planning and delivery of healthcare services.

Current funding regulations stipulates that the funding has to be allocated organisations based in England. However, we strongly urge organisations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to join us in taking this project forward.

The Deaf LGBTIQA project is just over a year old and has grown its work with our small group of volunteers.  Here’s to great and brighter things for our organisation.

Hello and welcome to our website!

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This website is where deaf people can visit to find information, guidance and educate themselves on the deaf LGBTIQA+ community in an accessible way. We cover advice, history and articles and more. We are continually adding to the website so the content will always be evolving. If you have anything you’d like to contribute or see, please feel free to contact us at Hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk

For years the LGBTIQA+ community have endured oppression and harassment. However, the deaf LGBTQA+ minority is in that minority – there is not a lot of accessible information being provided for this community. The Deaf LGBTQ+ UK Facebook group decided to create this website as we wanted to be able to educate the Deaf community on an accessible platform.

We all hope that this website will be a success in managing to raise awareness, educating others and guiding people to the right source of information and support. This entire project is voluntary, so we are currently relying on donations and volunteers to keep the website running – if you are interested in volunteering, see the FAQ page!

We all thank you for your support, and we hope that you will be able to take something away from this website for your own knowledge. Please feel free to share the website with others, and spread the love (and knowledge)!