HPV vaccine information

Here’s the above video done by one of our members Damian on the importance of having the HPV vaccine.

HPV vaccinations are available for anyone under the age of 45.

If you are gay, bi or you are a man who has sex with men? Under 45? We want to tell you about HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccinations (not to be confused from HIV, as that is different). The (HPV) vaccine is being made available throughout the UK through sexual health clinics to gay, bi or MSM (men who have sex with men) who are 15 and up to 45 years of age. After 45, the vaccine is less effective. You will need 3 doses and different time periods.

The vaccine will help to prevent HPV infection which can cause genital warts and HPV-associated cancers (such as penile, anal and throat). It is especially important for those who are living with HIV Please book an appointment at your local Sexual Health clinic to get these jabs. For more information about HPV vaccinations, please see the link below: