What LGBTIQA Plus means


What LGBTIQA Plus means
Lgbtiqa plus is used universally and stands for Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, questioning/queer, asexual, plus
Lesbian – females who are sexually attracted to females
Gay – males who are sexually attracted to males
Bisexual – people who have sexual attraction to both males and females
Transgender – someone who has changed his or her gender to another
Intersex – have two genitals. perhaps penis more dominant or vagina more dominant
Queer means  not wanting to conform to heteronormativity. So rather than labelling yourself specifically as gay or lesbian, you can say you’re queer. It’s more about your political identity than sexual or gender identity.
(Some countries define Q as Questioning)
Asexual – sex is not important. they are more focused on romantic feelings. however, some asexuals will have sex because their partner want it. it’s just not something they desire
Plus – more understanding to come at future workshops, e.g. pansexual