Policies and Position Statements

Working with Organisations

Deaf Rainbow UK, as of 2020, has no staff resources; it is completely volunteer led.

Deaf Rainbow UK values the services and opportunities that can be given to members of the deaf lgbtq+ community via organisations and charities.

Some organisations will be deaf specific, others will lgbtq+ specific.  We do not know of any that are both at the time of writing this position statement.

Deaf Rainbow UK recognises that organisations will vary in their level of expertise and resources to deliver services to members of the Deaf LGBTQ+ community.  

Deaf Rainbow UK will always try to remove any duplication of effort, especially within a population that is already a marginalised minority within a minority.  We will always ask how an idea has originated, whether there is evidence of need.

Deaf Rainbow UK will champion and value any efforts to work with our group to deliver services to members of the deaf lgbtq+ community in the UK; on a local, regional or national basis.

We will almost always want such efforts to be evidence based and impactful, we are not funding driven but needs-driven.

We will always carefully consider any approaches that are made by organisations or charities that are led by either or both hearing and non-LGBTQ+ people.

We will always champion the need for full access; both captioning and British Sign Language in delivery and resources.

We will always welcome, or initiate, support to Deaf Rainbow UK whether financial or In-kind (e.g. free advice, help with particular pieces of work).

Date of this statement: November 28th 2020

Sign Language Interpreters – interim

Deaf Rainbow UK values sign language interpreting by professional accredited sign language interpreters and translators.

In 2018-21 Deaf Rainbow has received a number of requests for contact information for sign language interpreters and translators, and sometimes specific requests related to race, gender and sexuality.  

  • At the time of writing this statement, we only know what we know; there are no formal partnerships with any sign language interpreting bodies.
  • We have an informal list of interpreters, most of those  are from the NRCPD website, we do however recognise that we need to adhere to good data protection, even as a volunteer group.
  • A few of our interpreters and translators are also LGBTQ+ and have volunteered their time for us, especially as a body of experts.

Deaf Rainbow UK recognises the lived experience of professionals who are LGBTQ+ and the added value this gives to their work.

We encourage all sign language bodies to develop the scarce intersectionality in the field of sign language interpreters and translators, growing the supply, demand and ability of sign language interpreters.

We greatly recommend and encourage the involvement of Deaf users; Deaf LGBTQ+ people themselves in the delivery and experience of sign language interpreting provision; maintaining a continuous feedback loop that leads to more things.

Date of this statement: November 28th 2020


We at Deaf Rainbow UK welcome anyone who are not Deaf or LGBTIQA+ as our Allies.

Examples of this are hearing partners of Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, friends who are straight, and hearing interpreters who work with deaf people.

We welcome any and all support that will help lead to potential positive opportunities.  We may also assign pieces of work to Allies where appropriate.

When we hold events, sometimes these will be limited to only Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, other-times everyone will be welcome. This will always be considered carefully by an event by event basis.

The Facebook Group Deaf Rainbow UK is moderated independently as a Safe Space for Deaf people who associate with the LGBTIQA+ spectrum.  We will always respect the independence of this group.  The advantages of this group using the same name as our wider charity, means much less confusion for deaf people out there who associate themselves with the LGBTIQA+ spectrum..

Our constitution stipulates that the committee members must be Deaf and LGBTIQA+

If you like to be an ally then please do support Deaf Rainbow UK either via donation or contacting us directly.

Date of this statement: September 29th 2020

Deaf Rainbow UK and the Devolved Countries


Deaf Rainbow UK Vision is to have unity amongst all deaf LGBTQ Plus people across the UK, especially to represent and influence decisions that relate to our community members.

The more services and support out there as determined by Deaf LGBTQ+ people, the better.

We strongly respect the value of participation and support the need for country-specific determined views/approaches from Deaf LGBTQ+ people themselves.

Current Status

We do not have any formal relationships with any of the devolved countries, but we have a warm affinity with the below:

  • Deaf Rainbow Scotland – which is a social Facebook Group run by Leah Francisco and has both deaf and hearing members. 
  • Deaf LGBTIQA Wales (soon to be renamed) – which is chaired by William Everett. (more details re funding and status?)
  • Nothing in Northern Ireland other than direct contact with Paula Clarke

We do not have any relationship with specific service organisations in the devolved countries although we always will try to engage positively.


To be able to promote any specific opportunities amongst all the UK

To be able to share any useful information with all interested parties

To have unity in the values and representation of Deaf people who are LGBTQ+ and share common goals.

Boundaries Deaf Rainbow UK will adhere to

Funding – 

We will never apply for devolved country specific funding opportunities without the inclusion of the relevant groups there.

We will always flag opportunities to our friends in the devolved countries for funding and support any efforts to apply by sharing data or giving advice.

It will always be the decision of the country specific group to apply for country-specific funding.

Representation – 

We will never represent the views/needs of Deaf LGBTQ plus people in a devolved country without the involvement of the very people!


We do not propose any formal membership structure at the time of writing this especially due to only having just become a registered charity ourselves.  We will always review this.

Date of next review

March 24 2021