• Why was this website created?

To support deaf people who are coming out or are unsure about themselves. This website will have resources and information that can help their journey. In 2018 over 75% of deaf children in the UK attended mainstream schools. It will therefore be more difficult for them to find support from the deaf LGBTIQA+ community compared to older generations where a greater proportion attended deaf schools and are part of the community.

  • Why not just have a Facebook page?

There is a Facebook group with over 600 members, but you would need to know someone within the group to invite you. Further, a lot of the messages and videos are difficult to navigate to. A website gives information in a clearer, more accessible way. We do still value the Facebook group and encourage visitors to join.

  • How do you decide things for this website?

We are a purely voluntary group where no-one is the Chair, as we are not at that stage yet, and we have decided everything as a group. We also keep the members of the Facebook group updated in case of any opportunity to provide input.

  • What is Phase 2?

We hope to develop some sexual health information resources and also some Art projects. This will need funding and more volunteers. Feel free to contact us to discuss being a volunteer at: hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk

  • What is Phase 3?

Possibly becoming a registered charity and to go for a membership structure with an elected Board of trustees. Again, this needs funding and volunteers. Feel free to contact us to discuss being a volunteer at: hello@deaflgbtiqa.org.uk

  • How do we know the money received has been spent appropriately?

We have a Natwest Bank account which is a clubs and societies account, and three people are signatories of this account. Every 3 months, we will make the full bank statement available to anyone who asks for this.

  • What do you do if someone contacts the website with lots of problems?

As this is a voluntary group, we will signpost or make contact with bigger organisations such as Terence Higgins, Stonewall and Signhealth. We can also contact the police if it is necessary – this is to ensure your safety. This is because the other organisations have experienced and trained staff in place to provide support.

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