We at Deaf Rainbow UK welcome anyone who are not Deaf or LGBTIQA+ as our Allies.

Examples of this are hearing partners of Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, friends who are straight, and hearing interpreters who work with deaf people.

We welcome any and all support that will help lead to potential positive opportunities.  We may also assign pieces of work to Allies where appropriate.

When we hold events, sometimes these will be limited to only Deaf LGBTIQA+ people, other-times everyone will be welcome. This will always be considered carefully by an event by event basis.

The Facebook Group Deaf Rainbow UK is moderated independently as a Safe Space for Deaf people who associate with the LGBTIQA+ spectrum.  We will always respect the independence of this group.  The advantages of this group using the same name as our wider charity, means much less confusion for deaf people out there who associate themselves with the LGBTIQA+ spectrum..

Our constitution stipulates that the committee members must be Deaf and LGBTIQA+

If you like to be an ally then please do support Deaf Rainbow UK either via donation or contacting us directly.

Date of this statement: September 29th 2020

Date of next review: September 2021