We wish to thank a lot of people who donated money for this website to be built.

Significant contributions – and most appreciated

Deafab (£500)

Merfyn Williams (£100)
William Stavert (£50)

All contributions of different amounts – and most appreciated

Tyron Woolfe
Karen Holdsworth
Damian Brewer
James Watson O’Neill
Abigail Gorman
Sam Calder-Bray
Adam Henry and Scott Wooding
Anna Marie Reilly
Lynn Stewart Taylor
Wayne D Griffiths
Simon Hesselberg
Christopher Tester
Tammy and Hayley Broskom
Dani Sive and Patrick Rosenburg
James Clarke
Alban Merot
June Smith and Frances Elton
Karen Hobbs
Robert Adam
Michelle and Kathy Goodwin-Walker
Jen and Claire Dodd
Derek Rodger and Tom Elinger
Katie Rogers
Mollie Turkmen
Anonymous x 1

Mark Twine-Smith for some last-minute design support!

A million thanks to everyone who has been involved in developing and supporting this website too!