Achievements of Deaf LGBTIQA 2018-19 (Year 1)

It’s now one year since our website was launched. We have achieved a lot in just one year of our committee, who are all volunteers!

Below is the list of the main achievements.

June 2018

  • The Deaf LGBTIQA Facebook group agreed to support the idea of setting up a website – £500 was raised through crowdfunding from members of the group. We also received another £500 from DeafFab.
  • LGBTIQA Twitter Account was launched.

July 2018

  • We attempted to communicate with Pride in London on access issues.
  • The Deaf LGBTIQA UK website was built and launched.

September 2018

  • We were contacted by the first deaf LGBTIQA person on coming out advice.
  • Bi-Pride UK asked us to promote their accessible pride event

October 2018

  • We approached Liverpool Pride on access for deaf people.

November 2018

  • We did a national HIV testing video promotion.

February 2019

  • We promoted a show, And the Rest of Me Floats, a show at Queer House which had access

March 2019

  • We held a meeting with Diversity Role Models, the organisation that trains adult volunteers to go into schools and talk to young people about being LGBTIQA.  We have some ideas yet to develop here.
  • We approached Stonewall for ideas and support.
  • We attended the London School of Economics talk on Disability and Intersectionality
  • We celebrated Trans Day of Visibility on social media.

April 2019

  • We did an informative article on Cervical Cancer Screening with BSL & English.
  • We tried to approach Pride in London again over access issues. 
  • We received a request from Birmingham Pride on supporting them to find interpreters.
  • We joined the LGBT Consortium as an associate member.
  • We provided a BSL workshop on HIV Testing and PrEP medication care in London.
  • We celebrated Lesbian Day of Visibility on social media.
  • We had an informative stall at City Lit Deaf Day with over 400 visitors.
  • We did an interview article on Gary Cutmore ‘Most Inspirational Student Nurse of the Year’ award at the Student Nursing Times Awards 2019.
  • We were asked to assist Rotherham Pride to promote to deaf people.
  • We set up the official Deaf LGBTIQA Facebook community page to engage with the Deaf LGBT Plus Facebook Group.  

May 2019

  • We asked for ideas for what women want from Sexual Health.
  • We advised about access provision in the gay play, Love is Only Love  – to be shown 1-6 July at the Other Place Studio.
  • We advertised a HIV Trial project being run by Bloomsbury Network
  • We approached UKLGIG to tell any deaf LGBTIQA refugees about our support
  • We raised awareness on International Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia Day on social media.
  • Deaf Diaspora invited us to do a workshop in September but we had to decline due to resources.
  • We celebrated Stonewall’s 30th anniversary on social media.
  • We were approached by members about interpreting concerns in Sheffield Pride. 
  • We developed an application for a grant and submitted it to the LGBT Consortium for approximately £9k funding.
  • We approached UK Black Pride to understand how they provide access via a Deaf person. 
  • We were asked to participate in the Queer As Fk campaign, which seeks to reclaim pride and focus on core issues of LGBTIQA people rather commercialised Pride
  • Deaf LGBTIQA UK Instagram was launched.
  • We received an approach from Dr Adam Schembri to support a project continuation on BSL signs used by Deaf LGBTIQA people.
  • We were asked for advice on interpreters for Milton Keynes pride
  • We also have had contact from several deaf LGBTIQA people on advice relating to personal issues.