(BSL to come)

Deaf LGBTIQA tries to provide information, represent and support deaf people who are either coming out and/or identify with LGBTIQA.

This project was funded by individual donations made by several people who are members of the Facebook Deaf LGBTQ+ group in the UK.  

We are all volunteers and are an unincorporated  registered charity – this is something we will continue to review. Our constitution is here.

Phase 1 was the creation of our website.

Phase 2 has involved trialling some Art projects and Sexual Health work. It has also involved several pieces of work as you can read here.

See here for a visual of our committee structure.

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For any safeguarding concerns we will immediately signpost such cases to the appropriate groups such as Stonewall, Terence Higgins Trust, Signhealth, Albert Kennedy, or the police if necessary.